Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recycled crayons

We decided we would do this little craft project.  They are for J's little daycare friends.  It was very inexpensive to do.  The project cost about $3 total and I am sure the kids will love them.

We picked up a box of 64 waxed crayons at Michael's for $1.50. 

The paper was well glued to these crayons.  I guess it is to be expected for $1.50 HA!  We decided to soak them in water.  Within 10 minutes we were able to peel the papers off with no difficulties.

I bought some little tin baking hearts at the Dollar store for $1.00.  You may have guessed that part.

Once the crayons were all peeled, I chopped them up.  I used a wooden cutting board with paper towel on top of it and some thick paper.  It worked really well.

The chopped crayons were placed in the tin molds and placed in the oven on 150 degrees for about 20 minutes.

And this is what they looked like when they were done, cooled and out of the tin molds. 

J was pretty tickled and must have thought they looked good enough to eat as she had to confirm a couple of times that they weren't for that purpose. HA!


Sarah said...

Sweet. They turned out great. Makes me want to color;)

Cathy W said...

Thye turned out great! Maybe I'll do the same next week-end for Ryan's V-day party. Awesome pics!

JennC said...

Yours turned out awesome!!!

I've wanted to try this for so long but never got around to it. I'm thinking I might have to change that....soon! ;0)

Kirsten said...

what a fantastic idea!!! love it - you could even add a magnet to the back and use them on the fridge!

Kimmartha said...

These are so fun - I remember doing them with my kids when they were little! At Christmas we would do red, white & green, Easter was pastel and Valentine's was red, pink, white and purple. Little people are so much fun!