Saturday, November 20, 2010

From start to finish...almost

Well over a year ago I signed up from a free class from Jessica Sprague.  I remember downloading a free trial of photoshop elements at that time.  I think I attempted a class, gave up and uninstalled photoshop. lol!  For me, Photoshop was like trying to communicate with an alien.  I gave up on it and went on my merry way. 

Last fall I purchased elements 8 and over the last year have had lots of fun with it but honestly didn't quite understand all the lingo - blending modes, layers, masking...just to name a few (I still have lots to learn).  I recently remembered signing up for one of her classes.  The mind works in mysterious ways. I actually didn't quite remember what it was about.  The fun thing about signing up for one of her classes is that you always have access to it down the road if the timing doesn't work for you.  I decided to check out what I had signed up for.  What a great decision that was - the smile was big.  I have been playing non stop and have learned more in the last couple of weeks then I have in the last year.  If you have photoshop and have the opportunity to follow one of her classes, you should run and not walk.  I have completed 10 of the 14 classes and just want to share what I have done so far.

This was the easiest one to to.  A black frame was added to the photo. 

A clipping mask that removes the edges of the photo. Kind of a reverse action from the photo above.  Très cool!

Some textures and type added.  Love the folded paper look.
psss...wish the picture was clearer but I had a 50mm lens and was no walking in that muck. HA!

One of my faves.  It was resized to make it square, some desaturation to the photo and an awesome texture.

How dreamy is the next one.  Done with brushes.

And finally...this was a big one.  It may not look like it but it has almost all of the nine lessons in it.  Do you notice the rounded corners?  Yes, done with photoshop. I am pretty tickled.

I am looking forward to the next 4 classes.  It just isn't going to happen tonight!