Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter fun

I can't believe I forgot how much fun sliding is.  We headed to the hill yesterday since it was so nice out and since J loves to slide.  We shopped around for a sled and found one.  Unfortunately it didn't work well.  we also picked up a crazy carpet.  If you like winter activities, it is best to shop early as our choices were pretty limited. 

As you can see from the pictures, the short crazy carpet would work best for one person.  I finally put J on my lap and then we took off.  Did I mention we ended going down the hill backwards?  Yes, 2 seconds into it and the crazy carpet spun us around.  D said he could hear me laugh all the way down.  Did you know that going down the hill is much more fun than climbing back up?  Yes, it is true.  J was brave and pleaded to go down the hill by herself.  We decided to let her and she loved it. 

Hopefully, we can get out again before the winter ends.

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JennC said...

Aww Pam this post makes me home sick <3 I loved sledding on crazy carpets and the classic toboggans!

Maybe there will still be some snow when I visit Canada in April? LOL