Saturday, February 12, 2011

take your hat off and make yourself at home

I was introduced to the wonderful world of crochet.  I did knit a little when I was younger but really had an issue with tension.  I decided I should give crocheting a try.  With lots of Tutorial Tuesdays and the help of my good friend, I have now completed several hats.  Here are 3 the last 3 that I have completed.

Please note *I do not have a newborn so most of these pics are using Jujube's dolls.

The newborn aviator

The following 2 are hats that I made following an order I received.  I really hope she likes them.


Kirsten said...

SO cute!!!

JennC said...

Those are adorable!!!
I kinda stink at making hats.they are either too big or too small...