Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not today

I by no means consider myself a photographer or pretend to be one but it doesn't mean I can't have fun with my camera and my girl, right? Over the last few months I have compiled a list of little photo shoots I want to do with Jujube this summer and fall. This was the first on my list. What I learned today is do not attempt to get a 3.5 year old to pose and smile pretty at 4 in the afternoon. Nope, it won't work out. Although I didn't get the pictures I had hope for, it did provide a good practice run. With the photos I did get, I hope to a layout tonight. We will try this shoot another day, bright and early.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I bet you have always wondered what a pumpkin looks like while it grows. Okay, maybe you haven't wondered but I will share anyways...hee hee! It starts out green and as it grows it will turn yellow-ish then orange. I know, not that exciting to! I am not much of a gardener and because we have so many critters around this is the only "food" we plant. Only a couple of months and it will be harvest time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little of an unusual post for me...

So here is my rant. I went out to buy our daughter some new underwear yesterday. She is 3 and a half. Not a difficult task, right? Well, I just couldn't believe the different cuts they have for toddlers. Boy short cut, bikini (yes, you read right) and other kinds also. Whatever happened to regular underwear? I wish the clothing industry would let kids be kids. They have lots of time to wear adult clothes. They will only be kids for a short while. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What are we up to?

Other than trying to stay out of a heat induced coma, we are picking out some paint colours. We are planning on painting our bedroom, living room, hall and washroom. Yes, pretty soon I will have a paint brush tied to my hip. lol!

These colour fans that are at the store are so awesome. D was able to borrow one from work for a couple of days. I really wish you could buy them. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell if a colour has a yellow or green undertone. This allows you to compare them side by side so making a good decision should be easier. Notice the "should" in the last sentence. hee hee! Wish us luck.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A little place I like to visit

On Sunday we decided to go to the Country Pumpkin. It was our first visit this summer. Over the years it has become a part of our routine/tradition. There is something comforting about being there especially in the fall. It is not a big spot, nothing fancy really but maybe it's because it reminds me of a simpler time when not everything needed to be done now. Nope, no rushing there. At this place kids can play on swings and slides. You can sit on one of the rocking chairs, eat ice cream while watching the river. You can buy fruit, veggies (locally grown), homemade bread, apple pie, the best chocolate chip cookies and so many other goodies. They also have a few animals which are always a big hit with young and old. Just watch out for your fingers. lol! Ah...I like it there!