Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The last little bit of baby

It will be a sad day when J doesn't fit in one piece jammies with the feet anymore. I haven't seen them bigger than size 4 which pretty much garantees she won't fit in them next year *sob*. For this reason, I am hoping she will agree to wear them lots this fall/winter. I can dream, can't I? They are not her favourite as she is like a little oven and says she is to hot. Last night she did wear them all night. I think she may sense how much I love them and wanted to please me. Is it possible at her young age that she would want to make mama happy? Either way, I will take it.


Cathy W said...

lol - Ryan hasn't worn these since she was a year old! That's too funny!

Kimmartha said...

aaaw, I miss feety jammies :( Especially the velour ones. They were always so snuggly.