Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!!!

The big day has come and gone and it did not disappoint.  This is the first Christmas that Juliana may remember and she really had no idea what to expect.  We talked about Christmas, left cookies out and even left some food out for the reindeer.  The big morning finally arrived.  When J woke up, I was in the kitchen already.  It was still dark in the living room.  She came to the kitchen and saw her mailbox and in the most excited voice said "did Santa come?".  Before I could answer, she opened the mailbox where she found a new toothbrush, toothpaste and 2 hot wheel cars (I remembered these things as I layed down at 1am).  She thought these were her gifts and was so excited by the loot and I had to chuckle.  I asked her to go to my bedroom and I would call her out.  I needed to grab the camera.  With the camera in hand, I called for her to come in the living room.  She was so excited when she saw the puppy and the jewelry box (music box as she likes to call it) that Santa had left for her.  We then proceeded to open the gifts.  My little girl did not need any help this year - she unwrapped like a pro.  About halfway we decided to have a little fun with the paper.

When we were done unwrapping and most of the mess was cleaned up, Derek proceeded to start breakfast and Juliana needed a little quiet time to take it all in.  She layed on the floor and watched cartoons for about 45 minutes.  Grandma and grandpa joined us for breakfast and Cara and Chris also came for a visit.  It was a beautiful morning and a wonderful day.  Of course we were all spoiled.

                                                                     May there be

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