Thursday, December 23, 2010

Do you see what I see and a ginger house...kind of.

We have a cat.  Our cat loves when we put up the Christmas tree.  He loves to make his way to the back of the tree and watch the action happen around him.  One night this week I heard my daughter say from the living room "mommy, do you see me?".  I went in the living room but didn't see her.  She asked again and I heard movement.   When I spotted her, this is where she was hiding along with our cat.  If you look closely and you will see her.

We have been decorating gingerbread houses ever since Jujube came along.  This year we had one of her little friends join us.  I borrowed this idea from one of my favourite blogs and gave it a try.  It worked perfectly.  I bought some graham crackers, icing. food colouring and candies from the dollar store.  I glued (using my glue gun) the crackers together and let the kids decorate them.  They were the perfect size and they had lots of fun.  I will be doing these again next year


JennC said...

I love that you used a glue gun to glue the houses together. Next year Joe and I will try that since this year we used icing. So frustrating. Your way looks better. ;o)

I really had to look hard but I found J in your tree. Still haven't found your cat, LOL

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family, Pam! <3

Kimmartha said...

I broke out the glue gun this year as well - the icing in the kit was just too hard and wouldn't hold the house together! Our Grade 2 class at school makes these little houses with their Reading Buddies every year, but I've never done them myself - too cute!