Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Do you ever look back and wish you had documented certain things about your child/children or about yourself?  I know I sometimes do but I've learned that it's never to late.

One of the things we did do that I am happy about it make a growth chart for J.  We just bought a piece of pine board and I painted it cream.  We didn't want to use a door jam as we knew this is not our forever home and we wanted to be able to take it with us.  When I look at it, it is difficult to believe she was so little but it is right there in front of my eyes.  It doesn't lie.  Hopefully, one day she will appreciate it.

One of the things I wish I had done was taken more photos of J's little body parts when she was a baby.  You know...the little hands, feet and so on.   Tonight after her tubby, she was on her bed playing and I was able to catch this shot.  It just warms my heart. 

I wonder where they will take her.


JennC said...

I wish I kept up with m's growth chart. I was pretty good until she started walking/running. Now I can't get her to stay still to save my life LOL!!

Love the feet shot!!

PamelaM said...

It's never to late to start it again Jenn. I am sure someday it will be fun to look back on.