Monday, September 20, 2010

Umm, how did you get up there?

I was a little surprised to see this when I returned to the computer after stepping away for a couple of minutes yesterday afternoon. She wedged her little chair between the computer ball and wall. She climbed and balanced herself on the ball and was clicking away with the mouse. I am glad I wasn't logged in to online banking when she hijacked the computer...hee hee! As you can see, she is also a fan of SNC. In her earlier days she always wanted to be on my knee hitting the keys on the keyboard. It subsided. Her cousin Alexa passed along a little Dora laptop to her as she no longer played with it. I now know why it was passed along. The only language it would speak was spanish. #@&#! Needless to say the laptop has mysteriously disappeared. lol! D and I talked about getting her one (barbie) for Christmas. I think after seeing this, a barbie laptop may not fill her needs.

I remember when she was just around 1 yo, someone asked if she could drink through a straw. Huh? Well, umm, maybe. I did not know as it didn't even cross my mind to see if she could. I also did not know that she could do the following. In the little video if you look closely, she is grabbing the items on the right with the mouse and placing them in the corresponding outlines. The games are from CBC kids. Wow...she really is growing up and fast *big sigh* This morning she gets up and says I want to play a game on the computer. Uh oh...looks like I may have to rework the computer schedule. lol!


Jenn said...

so cute!!! I love how they can find a seat on anything!!

Kirsten said...

You are in trouble, I now fight for time with my kids. try too, it has some great ones