Thursday, September 23, 2010

No boys allowed

J and I had a girl day today.

We started our morning off with a bowl of cereal. I know, no big deal right? It was for me as this is the first time J has eaten cereal with milk. She always only wants it dry so this was fun to see.

Next we painted our toenails a pretty blue. I painted hers and she painted my toes and toenails...tee hee. I took this picture of her toes while she was in the tubby today. I'd share a picture of mine but it isn't as cute. lol!

For about 2 months now she likes to get in the tub by herself, wash herself, wash her own hair and she gets out by herself when she is done. Today I had to rinse her hair with clean water as we had used bubble bath. She is mighty proud of herself for being able to lay in the tub and wash her hair.

After her tubby she wanted to play a game on the computer. As recommended by Kirsten (thanks) she found a dora game to play on

Next we decided to finally finish our Halloween tree. I had found this artificial Christmas tree for $2 at a yard sale this summer. Originally my plan was to find a twig tree and decorate it, however, I was googling one day and came upon these Halloween trees. They are Christmas trees but they are black. I love them and plan on investing in one in the future. Because I didn't want to get it this year, I decided to spray paint the little tree I bought black. Off to the backyard spray paint in hand. Oddly enough it was really easy to do. I had purchased some Halloween ornaments last year but have been unable to locate them this year. I am sure they are in a tote in the shed. So, I bought some more at Michael's. Notice our little balls didn't make it. J loved those so much she wore the glitter off of them. lol! This is our little tree for this year.

After this we had some lunch and a little down time. I got for free at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago some picture frames. No backs or glass - just the frame. I have a little fall photoshoot in mind and decided to paint these. As you can see one was going to be orange, however, after the first coat I was reminded of construction work or a crossing guard and decided on a blue. I would love to have orange so if I can find the perfect shade, I may swap on of these out. Oh...and the red may end up a dark shade of pink. You'll have to stay tuned to see what happens. lol!

Ummm, would you like a frame with that paint?

Of course we got a little messy but J told me she had fun today. It's all that matters and it made my heart happy.


Jenn said...

Mommy/Daughter dates are the best!! Looks like you two had lots of fun!

I think it's funny that we took the same photos from our DD's baths. I was going to post the one of M laying in the tub surrounded by bubbles for the photo challenge. Glad I checked her first...

I swear it's like you're reading my mind or something. LOL

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Very cute blog. I just found it.