Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little more of Ontario

Just wanted to share a couple more pictures of our trip to Ontario. We actually didn't take that many pictures (compared to what we usually take) but did manage to get a couple.

We stopped several times on the highway to stretch our legs and one of the exits we took was "Pocatière". We did not know any of these places and just stopped randomly as the need arose. As we came to the stop sign at the end of the ramp, we looked right and saw an amazing rest area. It is located along a body of water, had wooden swings, picnic tables and the view was breathtaking. This is a picture I took of D and J looking out at the water.

They had a huge garbage can and it had those funky mirrors on it. Of course I couldn't pass it up...hee hee!

Skipping along the trail. Notice the 2 pairs of sunglasses in her hand but none on her face.

This is a picture of Juliana and my sister. I really love this picture. J just noticed the rainbow at this moment.

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Anonymous said...

Merci encore d'avoir pris le temps pour venir dans mon coin du pays. Ce fut grandement apprécié. Les photos sont belles, cependant il manque toujours une photo de toi :o) Michelle