Monday, May 17, 2010

I hear nothing

I remember hearing moms say when your little one is quiet they are usually up to something.

I was in the computer room which is off of the living room and J was watching her nightly program of Caillou and I noticed she was being really quiet.

I peek out and this is what she is doing. I guess the sofa wasn't comfortable enough. Look closely.

PS - If you haven't guessed, it's meant for a doll...hee hee!


Jenn said...

I have found that kids are like cats. They have a goal to find the smallest space possible and try to fit themselves in it. ;0)
I also worry when things are too quiet...

Kimmartha said...

Haha - how funny!! Was she able to get herself back out?

PamelaM said...

She was able to get out by herself Kim. I am just happy she didn't try to get in the pink one...hee hee!