Friday, January 7, 2011

That little yellow ticket

Last night my wonderful man and I went to the local auction.  We haven't been to an auction since having our daughter almost four years ago.  It is a place we used to go frequently.  There is something so exciting  and thrilling about holding that little yellow card.  It is amazing the deals you can get if you decide when we you get there what you want to bid on and stay focused...hee hee!  There were a few items that I wanted but of course they went higher than I was willing to pay.  What a bummer.  It often seems to be the way but I did manage to get a couple of things.  I guess there are other people out there with similar taste to mine.
I am really drawn to items that have a history.  Although you never learn of that history, you know the item was once loved by someone and has probably heard many stories.  I like items that are older and could use some love.  I am always up for a little challenge and love when something old is given new life. 

The rocking chair that I bought for $20 could certainly use a fresh coat of paint but the chipping paint and the exposed wood are what drew me to the it.  I think it will stay as is for a while.  I am really drawn to the colour green lately and no shade in particular - just green. 

The old Sears scale was another find for $10 and will be a conversation piece in the future I am sure.  I hope to someday have a large kitchen with some display shelves.  Until then it will call the fireplace mantel in the kitchen it's home.

I absolutely love the following room.  I could walk in this room, sit on the couch and put my feet up.  I dream of having a room like that one day.

                                                                             Photo Credit - Better homes and Garden

This is one of my favourite Christmas gifts of this year.  It was purchased from Etsy and was in my Christmas stocking Christmas morning.  I love it.  Thank you Santa. 

Photo credit to the Etsy store owner.


Kimmartha said...

LOVE that rocking chair!! I wouldn't change a thing about it! You have the best luck finding little treasures!

JennC said...

Those are wonderful treasures indeed! There's nothing like rocking in an old style rocker. I'm with Kim, don't change a thing!

I have an old kitchen scale from Joes gma sand I love it, it looks similar to yours :D.