Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little of this and that. is so difficult to believe that it is December 1st.  I remember saying on November 1st that November is a month that flies by but I don't think I saw it.  Something happens to me when October rolls around.  I think I have so many things/ideas running through my mind as the Holiday season starts approaching.  I am sure many other people feel this way too.  Anyways, I am sure a "to do" list will help identify what my priorities need to be.

Today also marks the beginning of the December Daily album which was first introduced by Ali Edwards.  If you haven't seen this yet, it is not to late to join in.  It's all about documenting 25 days in December.  It's a great project which I am sure I will treasure for many, many years to come.

I thought I would share a few photos of the last few weeks since it seems like forever since I last posted.

The other night, Juliana prepared and served me a cake.  The cake is made of playdough and the toothpicks represent the candles.  It was so cute but I think she placed way too many "candles".  I can't be that old, can I?  She is really excited for her birthday this year and asked me on the way home tonight if she could invite her friend Audrée from school.  I told her we would see.  She said "you have to ask her mommy?".  She is growing up at record speeds.  I want her to stay 3 forever. *sigh*

I have been on purge lately.  The older I get the less "stuff" I want around and I want the stuff that is around to be meaningful.  I decided I would clean out our videos.  There were videos on shelves, in a wicker basket and in an ottoman.  Before Juliana came along, I would buy videos here and there.  Mostly older stuff that remind me of special times spent with special people.  The video cases take up lots of space and the videos are never in the cases they are supposed to be.  I purchased a DVD album and emptied the video cases.  We now have two DVD albums - one for our stuff and one for Miss J.  The attached picture does not show all the cases but it gives an idea of the amount of space something like this can take.  The black book beside it is where they are all located now.

I decided a while back that I would try my hand at crochetting.  Everyone seems to be doing it and I really want in on the fun.  I have been praticing lots and thanks to my friends and you tube, I was able to complete a little project.  This is just something I did for fun but I am proud that I was able to do it.  Oh, in case you are wondering, it's a wristband...hee hee!  If you want to place an order, let me know...HA HA!

On Saturday while we were out shopping, an elf ( AKA my SIL) had a package delivered to us.  It was waiting for us upon our return.  How exciting...until we saw the "no peeking" til December 1 sticker on it. hee hee!  Believe it or not, we did not peek.  I bet you are wondering what was in the package.   She made 4 pillowcases out of Christmas fabric.  They are so cute and the perfect way to kick off December.

Every year I dehydrate some oranges and apples for a garland that is placed on the top of our cupboards.  We have cathedral ceilings so the cupboards don't go up to the ceiling.  This year I wasn't feeling up to it so D decided he would do them for me.  Everyone has creativity within them.  Check out the snowflakes he made.  He sliced the apples then used a cookie cutter to make the shapes.  I think they are super cute and I am super impressed that he came up with the idea himself.

I bring J to daycare in the mornings and Derek picks her up.  This is the way it has been since I returned to work from Maternity leave.  If you have children (or a child), I am sure you remember all the stages that little ones go through - refusing to get dressed, eat, brush their teeth and their hair to name a few.  We are at an awesome stage.  This is what I have been experiencing pretty much every morning for the last month.  I think it's important to note that every night we put them away and every morning she pulls them all out and makes beds for all of them before we leave for daycare/work.  When she gets home in the evening, she tends to them right away.  It just melts my heart.  She is so good with them.

This is her doll Molly.  It's one of the first dolls she ever named. Here she is giving Molly  a snuggle and telling her she will see her after school.

A little sunshine created by my girl to end this post.  I will be keeping this drawing for sure.  Happy December 1st!

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JennC said...

Aww that is so precious!!! In that one pic ot looks like it's naptime in a little daycare hee hee.

Her drawing is definitely a keeper. M is still in the "artsy" stage where she draws a line and then bulbs different shaped from the first line.

3 really is the best age!!