Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend after the previous weekend

The week leading up to this last weekend was very busy for D. He was on vacation and I was at work. During this time he painted our bedroom (I will post some pics when we are done putting it together). He spread mountains of seasoned horse manure mixed with sawdust and soil (to much info? hee hee), and he stained our decks. As you can see, we do have grass poking through.

Friday evening J and I decided we needed to add some accesories to the deck so we put together the following. It actually turned out pretty cute.

Here is J being silly.

On saturday morning we had a deer visit us. If you look closely you will see him. PS - 50MM is not the lens you want to use when you have to

We had a deck crawl with some of our neighbours and it was lots of fun. Of course it meant an occasion for lights. I had the idea of hanging them from the clothesline. It was really pretty when it was dark out. Sorry for the not so great pic. LED lights are not photogenic. Tee hee!

On Sunday, we layed pretty low and there were no pictures...ha ha!


Kimmartha said...

LOVE the candle picture! I have to learn the settings to get good "dark" shots!

Jenn said...

I love those candles with the mirror!! I've never heard of a deck crawl. Sounds fun :D