Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More camera, more photoshop

If you haven't guessed, I am really loving my camera and photoshop. lol! Just wanted to share some things I have discovered recently.

In this collage, I wanted to show you the benefits of shooting in RAW. Have you ever played with your settings only to discover once you downloaded your pics that you were shooting in Tungsten? Althought, my original pic is not shot in Tungsten, if it had been, I would have been able to change my shooting mode to any one that my camera has with photoshop. Pretty cool, eh?

Here are some edits I have done with photoshop. I have finally discovered how to download some actions and now I just need to master the different layers. I love the effects they produce.

This is the original picture

This is a retro version - my fave

This is a vivid light

and last but not least colour pop


Kimmartha said...

Okay, I seriously need to learn more about my camera - and editing!!

Jenn said...

Ooo Those actions are awesome!!! The top on is my fave too ;0)