Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As you know may recall from my previous post, we headed North last weekend. My gram hasn't been feeling well and we decided we should visit with her. She is doing better and it was great to see her.

My sister who lives in Moncton called Friday night to let us know that she would be heading our way on Saturday and that our sister who lives in BSA would like to have us over for supper on Saturday. We had planned to come home Saturday but who could say no to surf and turf. Also, my sister mentioned that she had a surprise for us. Oooh...I am always up for a surprise.

Saturday rolled around and I actually forgot she had a surprise. We arrive at my sister L and my sister R is there. We walk in, put our stuff down and after a couple of minutes my sister R says "come downstairs, I want to show you something". We walk into my sister L's bedroom and there is our surprise. I couldn't believe it. My sister M from Ottawa had flown from Ottawa Friday night to spend the weekend with us. That is what I call a great surprise.

We had an awesome supper - surf and turf along with mashed potatoes, ceasar salar and a bunch of other stuff. Evening rolled around and so did the music. We danced and sang like we were rock stars. We created new dance moves not yet released. It was such a great time. I won't forgot that weekend anytime soon.

I love having sisters and sometimes forget how much fun we have when we all get together. We are talking about a NY trip either this fall or next spring and I can't wait to experience it with them.


Cathy W said...

I almost wanna cry reading this - I miss the sisters I don't have! What a wonderful opportunity for you all!

PamelaM said...

But you do have a sister...ME!

Jenn said...

You can see how close y'all are. A sister's bond is truly like no other.

Kimmartha said...

How fun and how special! I am so glad you had a good weekend!

I too have wonderful sisters that I love hanging out with. Although my sisters are from marriage, I couldn't imagine being any closer to them or loving them any more if they were from birth.


PamelaM said...

Right back at you tootsie! Muah!