Saturday, May 15, 2010

A "visual" way to save

It's no secret that I love to yard sale. About 14 years ago, my MIL introduced me to it. I had never been to a yard sale before this. She thought me that everything at a yard sale is fair game and if you see something you want, you better grab it quick then decide. lol! Who knew it could be so much fun and every year around the beginning of March I start to look forward to it.

Today I headed out on my quest for the one thing I didn't know I needed yet.

This will be our third year that we do a girls trip to the US. We head out thanksgiving weekend and we shop, laugh, eat, laugh and shop some more. This is the time of the year I start thinking about this trip.

Anyways, today I found that one item I did not yet know that I needed. Can you believe this thing even adds up your total for you? I have decided this is where I will drop my change every evening so that it will cover my cost at the border. Yes, we always end up paying duty. lol!

Day one - bottom of my purse emptied - total $11.19

Now by a show of hands, who wants to help me roll it?


Kimmartha said...

Haha!! We have one of those too! And guess what? The lid is PINK! Can you imagine??? I even started a bond this year to help cover the trip... ;)

Jenn said...

That jar is the neatest!!! I miss having Canadian change. You always feel rich when you empty your purse. Those Loonies and Twonies add up pretty fast!