Monday, May 31, 2010

Random thoughts

* We can't decide wether to sell & buy a new home this year or next
* I am so happy with our decision to find a new daycare
* I love that our vehicles are paid for
* I would love to see Fleetwood Mac in concert
* I am proud of DD for knowing 2 languages
* If I could only have one channel, it would be HGTV
* I really love yard sales
* I would love to rent a cottage for a week this summer
* I need to colour my hair
* I really like coloured glass
* Being creative is an outlet for me. I really don't feel the same without it.
* I love my little family more than I could ever describe
* I need to start planning my trip to NY with my sister(s)
* I am really hoping to take 2 weeks off at Christmas time. If I have to
go in for one day, that wouldn't be bad either
* I have an amazing circle of friends who may not always agree with me
but understand me.
* It's okay to agree to disagree
* I really love fall colours
* oatmeal chocolate chip and pumpkin chocolate chip are my favourite cookies
* I love photography but have lots to learn
* I want to someday visit Alaska

Here a couple of things I have discovered when it comes to a 3 year old.
- princess high heels shoes for little one are not a good idea. They are way to noisy and let's not forget about dangerous.
- Beads. I have picked up and stepped on way to many. Better left to daycare centres. PS - I know it was my idea Kim..hee hee!


Kimmartha said...

See, this is why it's so much fun to be the AUNT!!! haha!!

Jenn said...

Aww it was great getting to know you more ;o)