Saturday, May 29, 2010

In 4 short months...

I will be able to display some of my spooktacular finds that I got at a yard sale this morning. My SIL, J and myself headed out bright and early this morning. We arrived at one yard sale about mid morning and there was a table dedicated to Halloween stuff. Can you imagine a whole table? K and I were like kids in a candy store. For less than $18 combined, we pretty much emptied the table. I love fall and Halloween decor (not the skulls and tombstone kind of decorations) but the gentler kind...hee hee! The lady said we should have been there earlier. In a way I am glad we weren't because I am sure we would have spent all our YS money at the one sale.

PS - I also got one big ticket item but that is for a later post.

In the following picture notice the little arm reaching in for the stir sticks. It's a good thing she is ghoulishly cute.


Jenn said...


Jenn said...

hee hee I couldn't resist! You grabbed some great finds there!!