Saturday, April 3, 2010

For less than $50

Ah, Spring! I love this time of the year when you can bring furniture outside and refinish it. It keeps the mess inside to a minimum.

Per my previous post, I sanded, primed and applied a base coat of paint lighter than the top coat. In all I have 5 coats of primer/paint. I chose to do it this way as I knew I wanted to distress it and wanted the base coat to peek though. Once it was all dry, I sanded the edges and areas that would wear from normal use.

So...I knew I wanted to paint it pink. J received a jacket from one of her aunt's at Christmas and I really love the colour so I brought it in and they were able to colour match it for me.

We bought the dresser for $30 and picked up the paint this morning for $10. We used the glass knobs from J's current dresser. All in all, it is was fun do do and didn't cost a great deal of money. I knew it was all worth the work when J said it was pretty and that she loves it!


Jenn said...

Okay first of all I absolutely, completely LOVE that colour!! You should name it it's that pretty!

And second, $50??? Really? It looks like it's worth waaaahaaaay more then that!

Good job!! I'm with J, I love it too!

The Wheeler-Thibodeau's said...

Turned out great Pam - you sure didn't waste any time! I can't wait to see her room all put together!

Kimmartha said...

Beautiful!!! Love how it turned out. I am really looking forward to summer vacation to get to some of the projects I have in mind around here! Have any vacation days you might like to donate to the cause...heehee!!

PamelaM said...

Thanks Girls. It really was a lot of fun. We brought it in this morning and it looks sooo cute in her room.

Kim, let me know when. Maybe we could trade of some child care for some labour...hee hee!