Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do you dig it?

I was recently going through J's clothes when I came to the realization that summer is fast approaching she is in need of some summer clothes. Luckily, it will mostly be t-shirts and a couple of pairs of shorts. She has a niece who is 5 who is pretty excited to pass along some clothing plus she has stuff she can carry over from last summer.

I went to the children's place last night to check out what was new for this year picked up a couple of things. 2 t-shirts and a little skirt to be exact. As I was looking at the t-shirts, I went to the other side of the display not realizing that it had boy items. Hmmm...what's that I see? Oh my, how cute. Of course the first thing I thought is "it's too bad I don't have a boy".lol! But then just like magic, I could visualize my little girl wearing 2 little pony tails playing with a toy dump truck in the dirt and of course wearing the T. Of course I picked it up...hee hee! P

I am sure there will be a layout in the future. Now to pick up a dump truck. lol!

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Jenn said...

OMyGoodness!!! That shirt is adorable! I would have bought it too! We buy M boys clothes and she likes them more then her girly ones LOL